Employee of the Week: Ethan

Age: 16

Hometown: Highland Village, TX

Time with Wilson’s: 2 summers

Why Door County? “Originally, I came here to help my grandma, but the people, scenery, and food keep me here.”

Favorite Spot in Door County: Top of Eagle Tower

Favorite Wilson’s Ice Cream Flavor: Caramel Collision

Favorite Door County Hobby: Sailing, “I used to have my own boat, but now I use the boats from the Ephraim Yacht Club. I love spending a day on the water.”

Favorite Instrument: “I’ve played the violin for eight years, so I’d have to say it’s my favorite.”

Favorite Jukebox Song: Original answer – Build Me Up Buttercup… Edited answer – Don’t Stop Believing

Favorite Part about Working at Wilson’s: “We’re all really close to each other; it’s simple to make friends. After working together for the summer we become a tight knit family. Oh, and also serving the wonderful customers.”

Answer to our Buzzfeed Quiz: Rainbow Sherbet

We are so happy to have Ethan on our staff again this year.
Thanks for the hard work!

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Employee(s) of the Week: Caitlyn and Erica

Ages: 20, Erica is older by 37 minutes

Time with Wilson’s:
    Caitlyn – 2nd summer
    Erica – 3rd week

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

    Caitlyn – UW Stout
    Erica – UW Madison

    Caitlyn – Graphic Design
    Erica – Pharmacology &Toxicology; Biology

Favorite Wilson’s Stuffed Animal:
    Caitlyn –Giraffe
    Erica – Tiger

Why they chose to work at Wilson’s:
    Caitlyn – “My older sister worked here and told me how fun it was. I wanted to know what she kept talking about.”
    Erica – “I wanted to work with my twin sister at a fun job and get to spend my summer in my favorite place in the world – Door County.”

Favorite Part about Working at Wilson’s:
    Caitlyn – “Honestly, it’s seeing the customers’ faces when I serve them giant ice cream sundaes. There’s nothing like it.”
    Erica – “The people that work here are the best part because we’re all friends.”

Most excited to see at FyrBal:
    Caitlyn – The bonfires along Eagle Harbor and the tradition of the festival. This will also be Caitlyn’s second year wearing our cone costume for our annual Ice Cream Eating Competition.
    Erica – “I’ve never been to FyrBal, so I am looking forward to finally seeing these bonfires.”

Favorite Wilson’s Moment:
    Caitlyn – Wearing the cone costume for FyrBal last year and taking pictures with all of the children.
    Erica – “Getting tipped in three Dove chocolates by my table the other day”

The thing you’ll miss most when Wilson’s closes for the season:
    Caitlyn – The music, “I have a carefully selected Pandora station dedicated to our jukebox songs. It gets me through those late night study sessions.”
    Erica – Making the sundaes

Thanks to these incredible girls for their hard work this week!

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Employee of the Week: Kajsa

Age: 19

Years with Wilson’s: Three

Hometown: Sister Bay, WI

College: After taking an amazing gap year in India, she will be starting school at Madison Area Technical College in the fall

Favorite Place in Door County: Washington Island

Favorite Wilson’s Stuffed Animal: Rainbow Bear

Favorite Wilson’s Moment: Kajsa enjoys playing on the Wilson’s sand volleyball team, which is a part of the Northern Door Volleyball Association. “Winning two full games in a row to start this season is a highlight of working at Wilson’s. We’ve never done this well before. I can’t wait to take on the Husby’s team this week.”

Favorite Song from the Wilson’s Jukebox: Book of Love by Peter Gabriel

Favorite Job at Wilson’s: “I like when I get to work behind the ice cream fountain making beautiful sundaes.”

Words of Wisdom for anyone considering a job at Wilson’s: “Working here is great because your coworkers turn into your friends. If you can work here, you should.”

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Employee of the Week: Evan

Age: 19

Hometown: La Crosse, WI

College: St. Norbert College

Major: Biology

Minor: Ice Cream Scooping

Time working at Wilson’s: 12 days

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Caramel Collision

Favorite Wilson’s Stuffed Animal: Brown spotted puppy (pictured)

Favorite Place in Door County: Clark Lake

Favorite Wilson’s Memory: “When I told my grandmother I got this job, she cried. She said Mimi, my great grandmother, would be so proud of me. We have been coming to Wilson’s for my entire life.”

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “If you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute.”

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Opening May 19th!

Spring has arrived in Door County. We look forward to seeing you when we open on May 19th!

Our daily hours are now available at the bottom of our website.
You can also click “View all hours” to see hours for the months ahead.

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Spring Update

Many of you have been wondering how the recent approval of a referendum allowing the sale of beer and wine in Ephraim – Door County, Wisconsin will change your next visit to Wilson’s. It won’t…we’ll be sticking with our delicious 1906 Home-Brewed Draft Root Beer!

Looking forward to seeing all of you when we open on May 19th!

Complete Spring Election Results: Ephraim Dry No More

Complete Spring Election Results: Ephraim Dry No More

After 163 years as a dry town, Ephraim voters approved a referendum April 5 allowing the sale of beer and wine in the village.


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Thanks for a great 2015!

Thank you all for another great season! Looking forward to seeing everyone again when we reopen on May 19th, 2016!

This Weekend: The Firecracker Frenzy!

Join us at Wilson’s this Saturday at 10:00AM for the 5th Annual Firecracker Frenzy Ice Cream Eating Competition.

1 pint of Fyr Bal Firecracker Ice Cream ~ Strawberry Ice Cream with Pop Rocks Candy!

3 Age Divisions ~ Fun Prizes!

Snap, Crackle & Pop your way to the bottom of your bowl first to become the 2015 Ice Cream Chieftain! It’s going to be an exploding good time!

Click here for details and entry form 


Can’t join us for the competition? We are open 11:00AM to 10:30PM (Kitchen closes at 10).

Be sure to stop in during your visit to Ephraim’s Fyr Bal Festival. See you soon!

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