Employee(s) of the Week: Caitlyn and Erica

Ages: 20, Erica is older by 37 minutes

Time with Wilson’s:
    Caitlyn – 2nd summer
    Erica – 3rd week

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

    Caitlyn – UW Stout
    Erica – UW Madison

    Caitlyn – Graphic Design
    Erica – Pharmacology &Toxicology; Biology

Favorite Wilson’s Stuffed Animal:
    Caitlyn –Giraffe
    Erica – Tiger

Why they chose to work at Wilson’s:
    Caitlyn – “My older sister worked here and told me how fun it was. I wanted to know what she kept talking about.”
    Erica – “I wanted to work with my twin sister at a fun job and get to spend my summer in my favorite place in the world – Door County.”

Favorite Part about Working at Wilson’s:
    Caitlyn – “Honestly, it’s seeing the customers’ faces when I serve them giant ice cream sundaes. There’s nothing like it.”
    Erica – “The people that work here are the best part because we’re all friends.”

Most excited to see at FyrBal:
    Caitlyn – The bonfires along Eagle Harbor and the tradition of the festival. This will also be Caitlyn’s second year wearing our cone costume for our annual Ice Cream Eating Competition.
    Erica – “I’ve never been to FyrBal, so I am looking forward to finally seeing these bonfires.”

Favorite Wilson’s Moment:
    Caitlyn – Wearing the cone costume for FyrBal last year and taking pictures with all of the children.
    Erica – “Getting tipped in three Dove chocolates by my table the other day”

The thing you’ll miss most when Wilson’s closes for the season:
    Caitlyn – The music, “I have a carefully selected Pandora station dedicated to our jukebox songs. It gets me through those late night study sessions.”
    Erica – Making the sundaes

Thanks to these incredible girls for their hard work this week!

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